Career at the Research Center
Finance & Information Management

Karriere fim Hiwi StudentinStudent Assistant

Support our team as a student assistant. On Research Center FIM you work independently in interdisciplinary teams and take on this responsibility for your tasks. Through our coaching concept you’ll steadily promoted and newly demanded by new tasks again and again. More information or apply here.
Wissenschaftlicher Assistent Karriere fim

Research assistants (PhD)

With us you can combine research, teaching and apply research in the most unique way. At the interface of finance management, information management, and business & information systems engineering the Research Center FIM and the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT develop holistic solutions. More information or apply here.

Wi career Bewerbung Karriere Förderung FimKarrierenetzwerk

The is a career network of the Research Center FIM and the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT. Our goal is to contact good students with the practice through internships and support them by the process of application with useful tips.
More information or apply here.

Karriere fim Habilitand

Assistant professors

As a post-doc researcher at the Research Center FIM you have the opportunity to build up your own team of research and student assistants. Together you will work on your focus topics in research and education and advance the acquisition of external funding. More information or contact us.

Fim Kernkompetenzzentrum Finanzmanagement Informationsmanagement

The Research Center Finance & Information Management (FIM), which cooperates with the Project Group Business and Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT, is an internationally recognized research institution that combines excellent and practical education in a network of the Universitiy of Augsburg, the University of Bayreuth and the Technische Universität München. Our research activities cover various areas, allowing for considerable expertise in different fields of Business & Information Systems Engineering.
In applied research projects, we develop comprehensive solutions for companies of different businesses, generating long-term “win-win-situations” for everyone. The knowledge gained from our research activities allows us to offer students practically relevant contents that are up to date and based on theoretical facts. For the future, it is our aim to improve our spectrum of topics by utilizing suitable synergies.

Lehre Bayern fim
University of AugsburgUniversity of BayreuthTechnische Universität München​​​​​

The Research Center FIM has offices at the University of Augsburg, as well as the University of Bayreuth. A site at the Technische Universität München is currently being established.

With responsibility, determination, an open culture and sustainable promotion of our staff and their competences, we reach a content and positive working environment within our organization. This allows us to be Leading Edge in research, practice and teaching.

    • Promotion means supporting every single employee in achieving his/her best by coaching and assisting them in developing their competences.
    • Responsibility means being open, honest, fair and helpful, as well as embracing and following through new challenges


    • Initiative means actively participating in forming the organization and taking on responsibility for tasks.
    • Effort means completing tasks in a target-oriented, motivated manner and with the necesasary quality.
    • Sustainability means being healthy, content and enjoying working in a team.
Karriere fim Studenten Studierende

  • Life-Cycle

    Throughout their time at the Research Center FIM our assistants go through a life-cycle, in which they take over various tasks within the organization. This guarantees a holistic formation of our employees, taking into consideration their individual interests.

  • Coaching concept

    Every new assistant will be assigned an experienced coach, who not only helps one in clearing any questions or doubts, but also follows one’s formation and encourages one regarding further possibilities for development.

  • Working climate

    Events within the different departments and the whole organization provide for a casual and personal working atmosphere. In addition to that we promote a relationship between student assistants, research assistants and professors, in which all of them have equal rights.

  • Practice

    Because of the close networking with our partners, our employees gain valuable experiences during their time in projects and internships.

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