Digital Transformation Hub

Digital transformation poses major challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Workers must be trained flexibly in terms of time and place. An interdisciplinary research team at the University of Bayreuth creates and establishes knowledge transfer networks as instrument of dynamic advanced training for the qualification of employees within the new ESF project “Digital Transformation Workshop”. The team consists of the Chairs for Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology (Prof. Döpper), for Information Systems Management (Prof. Eymann), for Innovation and Dialogue Marketing (Prof. Baier), for Databases and Information Systems (Prof. Jablonski), as well as the professorships for Sustainable IT Management (Prof. Fridgen), Strategic IT Management, and Value-Based Business Process Management (Prof. Röglinger), and the Campus Academy (Prof. Brüggemann).

The objective is to provide applied methodological knowledge for employees and managers in organizations. The methodological knowledge regarding the digital transformation of processes has a decisive influence on the efficiency and competitiveness of organizations. Therefore, the owners of key positions in our economy should learn methods, tools, and solutions of the digital transformation and be structurally brought together in several knowledge transfer networks. In terms of content, the project deals with all phases of digitalization and the data-based analysis based on it to improve and optimize business and production processes. Thereby, as business processes we regard supporting administrative processes as well as value-added service processes. Due to the fundamentally different nature of business and production processes and the associated data, a separate consideration of these two types of processes will be applied during all phases of digitalization.