Doctoral Candidate

Jakob Ahlrichs

Doctoral Candidate
Phone  +49 821 598 – 4829
Room Bldg. I1 Room 2204
University of Augsburg

Jakob Ahlrichs studied Industrial Engineering (Bachelor of Science) at the University of Augsburg. He then enrolled in the elite graduate program Finance & Information Management (Master of Science with honors) at the Technical University of Munich, the University of Augsburg, and the University of Bayreuth. During his studies, Jakob Ahlrichs gained practical experience at the IT consultancy Senacor, in the IoT team of Hilti Befestigungstechnik AG and at the start-up Capmo GmbH. At the FIM Research Center and the project group Business & Information Systems Engineering of Fraunhofer FIT, Jakob Ahlrichs started as a research assistant in May 2015 and is a Doctoral Candidate since October 2020 in Augsburg.

Within his research, Jakob Ahlrichs mainly focuses on heat and energy system transformation, in particular the financial analysis of energy efficiency measures as well as the influence of political instruments to increase retrofit rates.

Impact of socio-economic factors on local energetic retrofitting needs : A data analytics approach
in: Energy Policy, 2022
Ahlrichs, Jakob
Wenninger, Simon
Wiethe, Christian
Häckel, Björn
The Impact of Political Instruments on Building Energy Retrofits : a Risk-Integrated Thermal Energy Hub Approach
in: Energy Policy, 2020
Ahlrichs, Jakob
Rockstuhl, Sebastian
Tränkler, Timm
Wenninger, Simon