AI, my friend and helper

AI, my friend and helper

Challenges and Implications for Human-AI Interaction

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly permeating our private and professional lives and is already an integral part of them. As humans, we therefore interact more and more with AI in our everyday lives. Our study contributes to understanding the challenges of these complex interactions and to successfully and responsibly shaping human-AI interactions. The study was developed in close collaboration with the auditing and consulting firm EY (Ernst & Young) and is based on extant research in combination with a comprehensive interview study with AI experts and solution providers.

In the course of the analysis, we identified five different interaction types, which can be distinguished based on their characteristic interaction dimensions and evaluation criteria. We classify these interaction types using the terms “guardian angel”, “pixie”, “informant”, “colleague” and “best friend”. They can be assigned to three different groups: AI as automaton, AI as versatile assistant and AI as partner.

We have used our findings on the typical course and influencing factors of human-AI interactions to formulate ten theses for their future development. It is not only a matter of successfully designing today’s application scenarios, but also of adequately preparing for the future potential of human-AI interaction. Hence, our theses describe on the one hand the general development of increased personalization through social elements, a greater variety of tasks and an increasing understanding of the context in AI solutions. On the other hand, we consider the changes regarding the roles and tasks of AIs, the course of human-AI interactions as well as the implications for the successful design of future AI applications.

You can download the study’s English executive summary here.

Further information on our study can also be found on the EY website (German only).
You can download the study’s full-text here (German only).

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Prof. Dr. Nils Urbach, Professor for Information Systems and Strategic Information Management, University of Bayreuth

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