Doctoral Candidate

Felix Baumgarte

Doctoral Candidate
Phone  +49 821 598 – 4878
Room Bldg. I1 Room 2218
University of Augsburg

Felix studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Augsburg and Finance & Information Management at TU Munich, University of Augsburg and University of Bayreuth. In addition he was a visiting researcher at Stanford University where he worked on business models for energy storage. Felix gained practical experience in the chemical industry, investment banking and at a fintech. He started as a research assistant at the FIM Research Center in 2013 and is a Doctoral Candidate at the Fraunhofer Project Group since 2019.

Within his research, Felix works on data-driven issues in the mobility and energy sector. His projects comprise methods from analytics, finance and economics.

Prozessdigitalisierung für das „New Normal“ : Branchenübergreifende Studie zu Herausforderungen und Chancen der Prozessoptimierung

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Baumgarte, Felix