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At the Research Center FIM we currently offer vacancies to future Doctoral Candidates doing their doctorate’s degree. At one of our offices in Augsburg or Bayreuth you would complement our team and benefit from the close link between innovative research, future-oriented projects, attractive courses and the cooperation with the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT.

The core competence center FIM with the project group WI develops holistic solutions at the interface between financial management, information management and business informatics.

Become part of our special link between practice, research and teaching and contribute your strengths to the administration and organization of the FIM Core Competence Center and the Business Information Systems Project Group.

As part of your doctorate, you will strengthen your self-management, your appearance and presentation skills as well as your leadership competence, in addition to professional training and gaining practical experience. In addition, you will develop a multi-perspective approach and a lateral thinking mentality, conflict management skills and a pronounced ability to work in a team.

  • Practice

    In innovative applied research and practice projects you will support companies of different branches in developing solutions for individual problems of the finance and information management sector. Your contributions will be based on the latest scientific methods and findings.

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  • Research

    As part of your research activities you will work on challenging and visionary projects that are funded through public sponsors such as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) and the European Union. Furthermore, you will implement the knowledge you gain from your practice projects into your research work. This guarantees a synergetic interaction of research and practice.

  • Education

    We want to offer our students insights into practice and research already during their studies. Therefore, you will introduce the latest findings and experiences from those areas into your lectures. Here, students benefit not only from the cumulated findings of all chairs involved, but also from our network of well-known partner companies.

Not only do we aid your professional development, but we also promote an interdisciplinary training and advance your personal and social soft skills, as well as your entrepreneurial abilities. While doing your doctorate’s degree you will work independently with flexible working hours, as well as team- and goal-oriented.
Our target for you is to complete your doctorate’s degree within an efficient time frame. Here, our dynamic environment offers flexibility for individual layout and structuring. The most important principles for the successful cooperation are the ability to work in a team, motivation, self-initiative, willingness to work and sense of responsibility.

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Entrepreneurial abilities 

In projects you will gain practical experience and will learn to deal with companies as clients. You will develop pragmatic and innovative solutions for financial service providers, consulting and IT firms, and implement those together with a team of colleagues and clients.

Personal and social soft skills

In research teams you will be challenged to think outside the box and develop trendsetting approaches for different research projects. These approaches and the results of your practical work will be implemented into courses and classes that you give at the university. As you prepare and deliver your lectures you will improve your ability to edit contents into structured, understandable, and target group fitted material, and to confidently present yourself in front of an audience. Moreover, you will gain leadership experience by leading internal projects, as team speaker or in the context of your practical work.

Professional expertise

By conducting research seminars and projects in a team together with experienced co-workers and assistants, you will get to know the practices of academic research and writing, and enhance your methodical and analytical abilities. In this respect, the great variety of competences within the team, owing to the different backgrounds of all colleagues, is a great advantage and will help you to acquire diverse skills yourself.

At the interface of finance management, information management, and business & information systems engineering the Research Center FIM and the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT develop holistic solutions based on the following basic principles:

  • Innovation, multidisciplinarity and sustainability
  • Value-based corporate governance
  • Integration of return and risk management
  • Consideration of challenges and opportunities arising from digitalization

In particular, we cover the following application areas:

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We are constantly looking for people to support our team. Please send us your application using our online application tool! If you have further questions do not hestitate to contact us at or +49 821 – 598 4801.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon in our team!