Doctoral candidates

Become part of the team - Your future at FIM

You are a team player with a passion for research. Expert with depth. You want to share knowledge and gain as much experience as possible. You want to develop and leave your mark.

With this motivation and passion you will fit in with us!

We are looking for people with empathy and passion who are burning for their ambitions and for challenging topics. Who bring top performance, want to develop continuously, strive to take responsibility and advance society.

To strengthen our team, we are constantly looking for doctoral candidates. At one of our locations you will complement our team. During your doctorate, you will benefit from the close integration of innovative research with future-oriented practical projects and attractive courses, as well as from our cooperation with the project group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT.

The FIM Research Center, established in 2002 by the Bavarian State Chancellery, is an internationally recognized research institution where research, practice and teaching are combined in a unique way. You can find further information in the section About FIM.

We are looking for graduates from various disciplines such as business administration, (business) informatics, (business) mathematics, (business) engineering, industrial engineering, natural sciences or related fields of study for our diverse research areas. Due to the highly interdisciplinary nature of our research, we are dependent on the support of first-class employees from the business world as well as technically experienced graduates. It is only through this interdisciplinary combination that we can remain successful in our core discipline – business and information systems engineering.

Our PhD program

Combine promotion and practice in a unique way. As part of your doctorate, you will strengthen your self-management, your appearance and presentation skills as well as your leadership competence in addition to your professional training and the gathering of practical experience. In addition, you will develop a multi-perspective approach and a lateral thinking mentality, conflict management skills as well as strong team skills. Our doctoral program is based on four overarching areas.

In applied research projects, the FIM Research Center and the project group Business & Information Systems Engineering develop holistic solutions at the interface between financial management, information management and business information systems with a focus on the following principles:

  • Innovation, interdisciplinarity and sustainability
  • Value-oriented corporate management
  • Integration of income and risk management
  • Taking into account the challenges and opportunities of digitization

For many years we have been supporting companies from various industries in innovative and applied research and practical projects in the development of solutions for individual problems. These topics, which arise in practice, are in turn incorporated into the research so that a synergetic interaction between publicly funded basic research and application-oriented research in cooperation with partners in practice is created. We are convinced that our research work benefits from a practical orientation and have therefore been working closely with companies such as Allianz, BMW, Hilti, Infineon, Senacor and Zeiss for a long time. You can find further information in the Projects section of our website. During your doctorate, you will gain practical experience by working on applied research projects for approximately 18 to 24 months. During this time you will be on site with one of our practice partners on three project days (Tuesday to Thursday) per week to solve their individual problems. Through acquisitions, lectures and direct project assignments, you will gain insight into various industries and companies and will be strengthened in your ability to deal confidently with practice partners. In addition to projects with practice partners, we at the FIM Research Center promote the start-up culture of our employees and support them in realising their business idea or setting up their start-up. With the help of support programs, start-up projects can be financially supported during and also after the doctorate. This gives our employees the necessary freedom to devote themselves to their ideas and at the FIM they find themselves in similar entrepreneurial structures. In addition, potential founders benefit from the broad network of start-up experts that has formed around the FIM Research Center.

Within the scope of our research activities, we work on challenging and visionary projects supported by public sponsors, such as the German Research Foundation or the European Union. The areas of expertise that the research of the FIM Research Center and the project group BISE focuses on are presented in the section Expertise with a short description to identify the professional target group.

During your doctorate, you will have the opportunity to do research in your preferred areas of competence and to further develop yourself as well as the FIM Research Center and the Business & Information Systems Engineering project group. In doing so, you will strive for a cumulative dissertation in order to be able to deal with different topics and research methods in depth in different publications. The quality mark of the scientific work is the existence in a double-blind review process. This will strengthen your methodological and analytical skills and you will learn how to work professionally in science as well as to further develop existing knowledge. Participation in conferences and scientific lectures will promote your confidence in front of an audience and in discussions.

In order to offer our students interesting and important insights into practice and research, we always incorporate the latest findings and experiences from these areas into our courses. Students benefit both from the pooling of knowledge from our professors' chairs and from our network of renowned practice partners.

During your doctorate, you will learn to convey content in a structured and comprehensible manner in the context of courses. Your tasks will consist of preparing and conducting lectures and exercises as well as supervising bachelor's and master's theses and seminars. Your teaching activities will also include the transfer of acquired practical knowledge into teaching.

Currently, our organization consists of over 80 doctoral candidates and over 140 research assistants. In order to ensure that all processes in the organization run smoothly, our doctoral candidates and research assistants work together as a team. The teams work on projects and permanent tasks in the areas of personnel development and marketing, finance, IT development, infrastructure and services, external communication, document management and other fields of activity parallel to research and practice.

During your doctorate you will take responsibility for the implementation and management of internal projects in our teams. In this way, you will acquire leadership competence and develop project management skills by organizing cooperation. Mentoring and managing students are also part of your responsibilities. You will learn to recognize and address conflict potential at an early stage. Your ability to work in a team and your flexibility will be further developed in a dynamic environment.

Development of the personal desired profile

We not only place value on the further development of your professional expertise, but also promote an interdisciplinary education, your personal and social soft skills and the ability to act entrepreneurially. Our aim is to support everyone in the individual design of their target profile. During your doctorate, you will therefore work independently, in a team and result-oriented manner with flexible time management. The basis for successful cooperation is a high degree of teamwork, motivation, initiative, motivation and a sense of responsibility.

Areas of expertise

Working at "FIM"

The employment relationships of our research assistants are governed by the regulations of the collective agreement for the public service (TVöD Bund):

  • The position is a 100% position (full-time)
  • The salary is determined by the pay grade and the level assigned (as a university graduate starting with pay grade 13)
  • Entitlement to an annual special payment according to pay category Occupational pension provision under the VBL (Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes und der Länder)
  • 30 working days of vacation per calendar year


What characteristics should you bring with?

  • A good to very good Master’s degree in economics, (business) informatics or related disciplines
  • Advanced knowledge in quantitative and/or qualitative methods of empirical research
  • Very good analytical skills
  • Very good understanding of customer-oriented business processes in the areas of sales, marketing and service
  • Enthusiasm for digital topics, strategies and processes
  • Ability to work in a team, motivation, initiative, motivation and flexibility
  • Enjoyment of interdisciplinary cooperation and the dutiful acceptance of responsibility
  • Very confident expression in both German and English

Application process



If you have any questions, please contact

Philip Karnebogen
Phone 0821  480400 – 37

We are looking forward to hopefully welcoming you to our team soon!


Please submit your application via our online portal. Registration, an applicant profile and a password are not required. All you have to do is fill out the application forms and upload your documents.

  • a letter of application in which you tell us why you want to work for us and what qualifications and experience you have
  • a curriculum vitae in table form with your contact details (telephone number and e-mail address)
  • relevant final certificates (depending on the position, e.g. school reports, university degrees, doctorate certificate, certificates on internships)
  • work certificates from previous employers or letters of reference
  • relevant evidence of further training

Please upload your documents as pdf files with a maximum size of 50 MB.

You can send the remaining documents by e-mail directly to Please state your name and the reference number of the application so that we can allocate the documents to your application.

You can also apply for more than one position. You do not have to submit your application more than once. It is sufficient if you state in your letter of application which areas of expertise and job profiles you are interested in.

After submitting the online application, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt. Usually a few days to a week will pass between the day we receive your application and the first contact. However, the duration is influenced by various factors and can vary depending on the job posting. You can find out the status of your application at any time at

The preliminary interview helps us to get to know each other and gives us the opportunity to introduce you in detail to the position and the FIM Research Center or the Business & Information Systems Engineering project group as an employer, as well as to learn more about the skills and experience you would like to bring to the company. You are also welcome to think about any questions you would like to ask us.

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for travel expenses incurred for a personal interview. If it is not possible for you to appear in person, e.g. due to a stay abroad, the interview can also take place virtually.

If you have any questions about the application process or our FIM Research Center, please contact For questions relating to a specific job offer, please contact the contact person named in the job posting.