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Are you a team player with a passion for research? You would like to gain insights into research and participate in current research projects? You want to share your knowledge and gain as much experience as possible? Then become part of our team.

With your motivation and your passion you will fit in with us!
With your motivation and your passion you will fit in with us!
We are looking for people with empathy and passion who are passionate about their ambitions and challenging topics. Who bring top performance, want to develop continuously, strive to take responsibility and advance society. The achievement of our goals would not be possible without our students. Therefore we are constantly looking for research assistants.

At one of our offices you will complement our team and during your time with us you will benefit from the close integration of innovative research with future-oriented practical projects and attractive courses as well as from the cooperation with the project group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT.

The FIM Research Center, established in 2002 by the Bavarian State Chancellery, is an internationally recognized research institution. Together with the project group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT, research, practice and teaching are combined in a unique way. You can find further information in the section “About FIM“.

Why FIM?

Our student support

Every student is assigned an experienced coach who not only listens to his or her questions, but also follows their personal development and provides specific suggestions for further development potential. Through our mentoring concept, our students are constantly supported and promoted through new tasks in their life cycle.

During their employment with us, students go through a life cycle in which they take on a wide variety of tasks in the organization. This ensures a holistic education that takes individual interests into account. In order to guarantee our research assistants the best possible personal development along the life cycle, it is important to us that our students work in several different teams and get to know different tasks. In addition, the areas of responsibility change at appropriate times to allow a variety of tasks and targeted professional development in a preferred subject area.

Our goal is to put good students in touch with the practical world, to arrange internships and support them in their career entry. In addition, we help with valuable tips in the preparation of application documents. In our active network, personal contact is our top priority. Our research assistants and other students thus have the opportunity to apply through us for an exciting internship in our career network. We therefore see ourselves as an active interface between our members and practice.

This makes working with us unique for students

Flexible working hours

All our employees work on the basis of trust. Everyone can arrange their working hours per week for themselves. Of course, there are appointments on which attendance is necessary, but with this principle we rely on the personal responsibility of our employees and encourage them to work independently. In the lecture-free period, there is also the possibility of increasing the hours and thus taking on more responsibility.

Get to know everyday business life

Our work is characterized by different teams consisting of professors as well as doctoral candidates and research assistants. Through this way of working, our research assistants learn to work effectively in different constellations at an early stage. The development of our research assistants is our top priority. By working independently on tasks and managing various projects, we put our student employees in situations that challenge them and where they can learn.

Mix of tasks from research, teaching and practice

Through our student life cycle we want to give our students first insights into the areas of research, teaching, practice and administration. Among other things, we offer attractive tasks at the interface between research and practice that can usefully complement the course of study.

Discover our fields of expertise and research areas:

Administrative areas

Research areas and expertise

Within the scope of our research we work on challenging and visionary projects – often in cooperation with other renowned chairs, institutes and companies. The FIM Research Center has thus established itself as an internationally recognized research center at the interface of financial and information management. Further information on the research areas can be found here.

In order to make your participation in our research projects more transparent, we would like to present possible tasks with some experience reports.

Open District HUB in Bochum-Weitmar

Hello my name is Jule and I am working in our research unit Smart District & Mobility in the research project Open District Hub (ODH) Bochum-Weitmar. The research project pursues the goal of developing energy-efficiently operated living quarters with locally produced renewable energies. As a research assistant, I worked with colleagues to develop a concept for sensitising future residents. In addition to energy-efficient construction and the use of green energies, the behavior of the residents plays a central role in achieving the goal of climate neutrality. Despite increasing social awareness of environmental issues, there is a discrepancy between environmental awareness and environmental behaviour in everyday life. To counteract this, we developed a quiz about sustainable living, which gives the residents incentives and ideas to live more sustainably. Furthermore, I was able to participate in the development of possible business models for the neighbourhood, including a concept for tenant electricity and e-car sharing.


Hello we are Till and Leoni, together we work in the public research project SynErgie, which is part of the governmental project series "Kopernikus". The SynErgie project investigates how the industry can help to balance fluctuations in renewable energy production by flexibly adjusting its demand to the supply of electricity without compromising the quality of the products. In particular, we support the energy flexible design of a production plant in the paper industry. In this context, we try to adapt individual production steps to the current electricity price by controlling machines flexibly and using intermediate product storage intelligently. In order to achieve this goal, we develop a mathematical optimization for a paper mill, which is tested in a real production environment. As students, we were allowed to independently create the optimization model. Currently we are implementing and testing the model in Python together with the responsible doctoral candidates.

Digital Innovation Lab

Hello, my name is Anna and I am part of the Digital Innovation Lab team. Together with our partners we are shaping the digital future. We support our partners (e.g. companies) in identifying, developing and implementing new digital solutions and business models. To do this, we use established and our own innovation approaches, for example Design Thinking, in combination with our expertise and accompany our practice partners in various formats - from idea workshops to prototype development lasting several weeks. I myself have often been allowed to moderate parts of innovation workshops. For example, we applied the methodology of "value proposition design" and developed new digital solutions together with the participants during the workshops. The aim was to understand the needs of corporate customers and thus develop digital solutions that meet precisely these customer requirements. Personally, what I enjoy most about the Digital Innovation Lab is the close contact to our partners in practice, the interactivity of the workshops and the application of various innovation methods.

Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab

Hello, my name is Jens and I work in the Blockchain Lab of Fraunhofer FIT. The lab is used for the conception, development and evaluation of blockchain solutions. The lab aims at the transfer of scientific knowledge into practical solutions and the development of new business models. As a research assistant, I support the lab's doctoral candidates and professors in various public and private funded research projects. For example, I have already independently written sub-chapters of a research proposal for innovative applications of blockchains and contributed to the preparation of an expert report for the German Federal Ministry of Transport. Currently, I am working with several colleagues on the publication of a white paper on the topic of self-sufficient identities on the Internet. The work is very dynamic and always takes place at the same level as the assistants, whereby I can always incorporate my own ideas.



What characteristics should you bring with?

You …

  • … have good or very good grades in your studies.
  • … are studying economics, (business) informatics, (business) mathematics, industrial engineering, health economics or a related course of studies.
  • … know how to convince other people of you and your ideas and how to get them excited.
  • … are motivated and interested in new challenges.
  • … are interested in digitization and other research topics of ours.
  • … enjoy working closely with a team and are happy to push ahead with your own projects.

Application process

If you still have questions about our application process and the work at FIM, please have a look at our FAQs or write to us.


If you have any questions, please contact karriere@fim-rc.de.

Secretariat Augsburg
Phone +49821-480400-0

Secretariat Bayreuth
Phone +49921/55-4710

We are looking forward to hopefully welcoming you to our team soon!



Applications are always submitted to us generally as a research assistant. It is neither necessary nor possible to apply for a specific area. Within the framework of our life cycle, research assistants repeatedly go through different areas of responsibility with different requirements and professional contexts.

You are welcome to express your task wishes at any time. Your coach will then try to plan your future tasks in such a way that they match your wishes and learning objectives as closely as possible. However, you must also pay attention to the required capacities in the individual teams, so that not all wishes can always be fulfilled.

The range of tasks is broadly diversified. Initially, as a grown organisation, we now have classic administrative tasks. For example, you will be responsible for the contracts of students and doctoral candidates in our finance team, organize recruiting events in our public relations team, pass on your knowledge to younger students as a tutor, or program internal IT tools. You will be able to work independently as well as in a team. At the same time, you can get a taste of research from the very beginning, e.g. through research seminars and research teams. As your experience and personal interest grows, you can also work on one of our publicly funded research projects.

Usually, you as a research assistant will work 10 h/week during the semester, whereby these hours will be divided between two teams if possible. During the semester breaks, you can also increase your working hours to 40 hours full-time and thus get a taste of other areas of responsibility and work on projects.You can always discuss your exact schedule with your coach. How you divide your working hours during the week is up to you, apart from some fixed dates like our weekly team meetings.

In general, it is always possible to work in your home office, provided your tasks allow it. However, especially at the beginning of your time as a research assistant, we recommend that you are present in the office as often as possible, as it is easier for you to get to know your colleagues.

Since the application process and also the familiarization with your tasks take some time, we ask you to apply only after your return. If you have any open questions, please feel free to contact our career team at any time to discuss the procedure.

No. But you should be interested in our research topics. You can find an overview of our exciting research areas here.