Ecosystem for COllaborative Manufacturing PrOceSses – Intra- and Interfactory Integration and AutomaTION


The COMPOSITION (Ecosystem for COllaborative Manufacturing PrOceSses – Intra- and Interfactory Integration and AutomaTION) project aims to develop an integrated information management system (IIMS) for the manufacturing industry which optimises the internal production processes by exploiting existing data, knowledge and tools. The IIMS enables manufacturing companies to increase productivity and to dynamically adapt to changing market requirements.

Funding Horizont 2020
Project Manager European Commision
Funding number according to notification 723145
Start 01.09.2016
Ende 31.08.2019
Project duration 3 years
>Project lead European Commision

Prof. Dr. Björn Häckel

Professorship for Digital Value Networks

Further Information

The project will also develop an ecosystem to support the connection of data and services between factories and their suppliers. The aim is to optimise manufacturing and logistics processes over the whole supply chain and invite new market actors into the value network by the sharing of data.

The project thereby addresses the growing need to connect data within a factory’s value chain on the one hand and to connect data and services between enterprises on the other hand so that data can meaningfully support decision-making. In the first setting, the challenge is to overcome the difficulty of integrating the heterogeneity and complexity of data across the value chain. In the second setting, the challenge is to handle confidentiality issues and the lack of standards when it comes to sharing data across the supply chain.

Fraunhofer FIT is the coordinator of COMPOSITION and will drive a user-centered design process for developing applications. Furthermore, FIT will be involved in the economical evaluation of business models, led by the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering.