Post-Exam Review

Review of exams summer semester 2020


Monday, 09.11.2020, 08:00-11:00 h, Room J 1101 / 1102

Business Informatics II (WIN 2); Introduction to Business Informatics 2 (EWI 2); Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Value-oriented Process Management (WPM); it@BWL; Basics of Programming (GdP); Introduction to Business Administration (EBWL)

The registration for the review of the exams is activated until 04.11.2020 23:59:

Your exact slot (15 min) for viewing will be announced by e-mail after the registration deadline.

Please take note!

Notes for access to exams

  1. In front of and inside the building it is compulsory to wear a mouth-nose cover.
  2. In order to ensure that you are able to view the exam you have requested, we would ask you to come to the viewing appointment as early as possible.
  3. Please bring a valid photo ID and a student ID with you, otherwise we cannot grant access. Please also bring a pencil to write down questions and comments on the form you will be given.
  4. The access is only possible on the date stated in each case, individual reviews can unfortunately not be permitted.
  5. If it is not possible to attend on the regular date, a power of attorney for inspection can be issued to another person. Please indicate this directly with your registration. Additional information is also required:
    • Copy of the student’s identity card/passport for signature comparison (can be submitted within one week after the appointment)
    • Power of attorney with signature of the student (required)
    • Identity card of the authorised representative (required)
Please take note!

Notes on the correction

Please understand that due to the high number of participants, the enormous correction effort and for reasons of fairness, we cannot make any previous corrections. Nevertheless, we will of course try to correct the exams as quickly as possible within the framework of personnel and organisational possibilities. If you feel that your case is particularly difficult, please contact the study counselling service for your degree programme and provide written evidence of your problems. If necessary, the study counselling service can contact us directly.