Realizing the value of data with intelligent solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way into private and business life in a variety of ways in recent years. Within the framework of various projects and initiatives, we research practice-relevant questions in order to support companies in the design of AI-based innovations as well as their individual AI-transformation. For example, we are investigating how data can be used in a socially and ethically responsible manner by means of machine learning. In the spirit of Business & Information Systems Engineering (BISE) as an interface and transfer discipline, we take on an integrating role in order to answer questions of practical relevance.

Application-based view
We identify and evaluate AI-usage from a business perspective

Cross-technological approach
Interdisciplinary domain and technology knowledge enables us to answer practice-relevant questions

Methodological know-how
From descriptive statistics to data analysis and machine learning – we have comprehensive methodological expertise at our command




In cooperation with companies, we develop innovative AI-applications based on our technology and methodology expertise

Exemplary project tasks:
  • Data collection, evaluation and analysis
  • Development and evaluation of AI-usage scenarios
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Derivation of ethical, legal and social implications
  • Designing human-AI interactions



In cooperation with companies, we create the conditions to enable a comprehensive transformation

Exemplary project tasks:
  • Strategy development
  • Readiness check
  • Organizational design
  • Transformation support
  • Workshops & Presentations

Our main areas of research

AI-research has been advancing with rapid strides, especially in recent years. At the latest since DeepMind’s AlphaGo, it has become clear that computers can outperform humans even in more complex problems. This opens up a wide variety of possible applications of AI for research. Thus, we are involved in the identification of AI-usage, its development, and its impact on users, products, services, and processes. However, it should be noted that the most appealing application offers no benefit if the organization is not yet ready for AI applications, and thus the transformation to an AI-capable organization also plays a crucial role from a scientific perspective. Since a organization is composed of a wide variety of people, it is also important to consider how to get these AI-users on board and, if necessary, address concerns such as a lack of trust in the sense of AI explaining itself. With all the benefits and huge potential of AI, however, the societal component must not be left aside and so, in the spirit of Business & Information Systems Engineering, we also investigate ethical, legal and social aspects of the use of AI.


Our activities

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