Digital Value Networks

Increased competitive pressure

Digital Value Networks

The increasing digitalization and globalization of industrial, financial and service companies and their products increase the competitive pressure on individual market participants and lead to growing complexity in corporate structures and (global) value-added networks. In order for companies to be able to make entrepreneurial decisions in the sense of value-oriented corporate management in the face of these challenges, both opportunities and risks arising from the use of new technologies and cross-company collaboration in (digital) value-added networks must be considered and managed in an integrated manner.

Our expertise team in Digital Value Networks deals with the development of methods and concepts for the identification, evaluation and control of integrated opportunity and risk aspects in information technologies and digital value creation networks. With its proven expertise, our research team supports companies from various industries in scientific and practically relevant issues. In the following, essential topics of the research area are presented with exemplary questions:

Business Technology Management

Business Technology Management encompasses integrated opportunity and risk management from the business model level to individual innovation projects.

– Digital and data-driven business models through new technologies: ‘How can digital and data-driven business models be designed and established based on new technologies such as Blockchain / Big Data?’
– IT innovation management: ‘How can IT innovation projects and teams be designed in an economically sensible way and how can the success of new technologies be predicted?’
– IT project and IT project portfolio management: ‘How can IT projects and project portfolios be evaluated and controlled?’
– IT security: ‘How can IT security risks in digital value creation be identified, evaluated and controlled on the basis of the company-specific IT risk landscape?’

Digitalization of Value Creation Networks

For all questions related to the digitalization of value creation networks an economic assessment that considers both profit opportunities and risk potential in an integrated manner is a basic requirement.

– Digital and data-driven business models through hybrid value creation: ‘Which business model patterns can we derive for hybrid value creation?’
– Modelling digital systems and technologies: ‘How can we abstract, classify and map dependencies of digital systems and technologies?’
– Economic evaluation of Industry 4.0 projects: ‘How can individual Industry 4.0 projects and project portfolios be evaluated in an integrated manner, taking into account costs, earnings and risk?’
– Transformation strategies: ‘What does an Industry 4.0 transformation roadmap look like that is economically reasonable and technologically robust?’
– Risks in (digital) value-added networks: ‘What risks arise from the increasing (digital) networking with suppliers, customers and other value-added partners?’

Financial Energy Management

Financial energy management ranges from the intelligent use of energy efficiency and energy flexibility potentials to the design of new business and investment evaluation models.

– Energy efficiency insurance: ‘How can financial market products for hedging investments in energy efficiency measures be designed and evaluated?’
– Investment evaluation in energy efficiency measures: ‘How can investments in energy efficiency and energy flexibility measures be evaluated and prioritized?’
– Decision support in industrial energy management: ‘How can an operational energy management system be designed that (partially) automatically optimizes energy efficiency and energy flexibility?’
– Risk management in critical infrastructures: ‘How can risks in critical infrastructures (e.g. electricity) and possible countermeasures be identified and evaluated?’


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