Strategic IT Management

Strategies, instruments and organizational approaches for the IT management of tomorrow

Strategic IT Management

Our expertise team in Strategic IT Management deals with the strategic management of digital innovations and the design of organizations in the course of digital transformation. In the research area Digital Innovation we evaluate emerging information technologies (IT) and information systems (IS) with respect to their impact on companies and markets. In the research field of Digital Transformation we analyse the changed demands on companies in the digital age in order to derive fields of action and strategies for decision makers in the IT environment. We take an integrated view of both fields of research in order to be able to investigate the interfaces and dependencies between technologies and the organizational context in a well-founded way.

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Digital Disruption

As business models evolve, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of making strategic decisions regarding the timely deployment of disruptive (digital) technologies. Due to the far-reaching effects on the entire company, the aim is to reduce the uncertainty in the selection of technologies, for example, through trend or technology potential analyses. This involves systematically analyzing both potentials and threats and deriving decision-theoretically based recommendations for action.

Digital Transformation

The fundamental changes in business models require a comprehensive modification of the entire company to meet the new digital challenges. In doing so, existing processes and structures, application systems and data management as well as the (digital) technologies used or the underlying IT infrastructure must be integrated and aligned with the requirements of new customer needs and business models.

Research approaches

The analysis of these fields of research is approached from two directions with different research paradigms. On the one hand, we analyze aspects of adoption, use and success of information systems and management practices in the context of behavioral research. On the other hand, we use the insights gained from this analysis to develop and test artifacts such as process and organizational models and management approaches within the framework of design-oriented research.


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