Doctoral Candidate

Lukas Fabri

Doctoral Candidate
Phone  +49 821 598 – 4835
Room  Bldg.. J Room 2302
University of Augsburg

Lukas Fabri studied information-oriented business administration and business administration at the University of Augsburg. Lukas gained practical experience in program and project management and the management of a limited liability company. He started at the core competence center FIM in September 2015 as a research assistant and has been a Doctoral Candidate at the Fraunhofer Project Group for Information Systems since January 2020.

Within the scope of his research activities, Lukas is mainly concerned with data analytics and digital business models as well as decision support in industry 4.0.

KI-basierte Services intelligent gestalten : Einführung des KI-Service-Canvas
Urbach, Nils
Häckel, Björn
Hofmann, Peter
Fabri, Lukas
Ifland, Sebastian
Karnebogen, Philip
Krause, Stefanie
Lämmermann, Luis
Protschky, Dominik
Markgraf, Moritz
Willburger, Lukas
Economic Perspective on Algorithm Selection for Predictive Maintenance
in: Proceedings of the 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Stockholm; Upsala, 2019
Fabri, Lukas
Häckel, Björn
Oberländer, Anna Maria
Töppel, Jannick
Zanker, Patrick