Doctoral Candidate

Julia Amend

Doctoral Candidate
Phone  +49 921 55 – 4717
Room  Room: 3.15
Wittelsbacherring 10, 95444 Bayreuth

Julia Amend née Farnung gained her university-entrance diploma in 2012. After her bachelor’s degree in Integrative Health Promotion at the University of Applied Sciences in Coburg, she studied Business Administration as a master’s degree. During her studies, she was able to gain practical experience as a working student at Fresenius Medical Care. In February 2018, she then joined Fresenius as a project manager and was responsible for technical projects within the Engineering Change Management. Since January 2020, Ms. Farnung works as a Doctoral Candidate at the Research Center Finance- & Information Management.

In her research efforts, Julia Amend focuses on technical and managerial topics related to blockchain technology and strategic IT-management in general.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Define : The Success of Blockchain Projects Beyond the Iron Triangle
presented at: 42th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2021), Austin, Texas, USA, 2021
Guggenberger, Tobias
Stoetzer, Jens-Christian
Theisinger, Lukas
Amend, Julia
Urbach, Nils
The Evolution of an Architectural Paradigm : Using Blockchain to Build a Cross-Organizational Enterprise Service Bus
presented at: 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Maui, Hawaii (Virtual), 2021
Amend, Julia
Fridgen, Gilbert
Rieger, Alexander
Roth, Tamara
Stohr, Alexander
What Do We Really Need? : A Systematic Literature Review of the Requirements for Blockchain-based E-government Services
in: Proceedings of the 16. International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, s.l., 2021
Amend, Julia
Kaiser, Julian
Uhlig, Lucas
Urbach, Nils
Völter, Fabiane