Research associate

Dr. Sebastian Heger

Research Associate
Phone  +49 821 598 – 4838
Room  Bldg. I1 Room 2218
University of Augsburg

Sebastian Heger passed his German Abitur exam in 2009 at the Gymnasium in Wertingen. Subsequently, he studied Business Information Systems Engineering (B.Sc.) at the University of Augsburg from 2010 to 2013, majoring in Finance- and Information management. From 2013 to 2015, he then studied computer science and information economy (M.Sc.) at the same university. During his studies he gained practical experiences as an intern in several companies, e.g. at Hilti AG. He worked at the FIM Research Center as a research assistant since March 2011. On March 1st 2016 he started working as a Doctoral Candidate at the Fraunhofer Projektgruppe Wirtschaftsinformatik in Augsburg.

​Currently, Sebastian Heger within his research primarily focuses on the topics of Individual Information Systems.

The effectiveness of social norms in improving users’ reporting behavior in the fight against fake news
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Gimpel, Henner
Heger, Sebastian
Olenberger, Christian
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Gimpel, Henner
Driving Sustainably : The Influence of Eco-Feedback and Personal Factors on Driving Behaviour
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Bätz, Alexander
The Power of Related Articles : Improving Fake News Detection on Social Media Platforms
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Do Not Forget About Smart Towns : How to Bring Customized Digital Innovation to Rural Areas
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Heger, Sebastian