Doctoral Candidate

Christian Olenberger

Doctoral Candidate
Phone  +49 821 598 – 4863
Room  Bldg. I1 Room 1205
University Augsburg

Christian Olenberger obtained his matriculation standard in Hamburg in 2011. Subsequently, he studied Business & Information Systems Engineering (Bachelor of Science) at the Technical University of Munich. In 2017, he completed the elite graduate program Finance & Information Management (Master of Science with honors) at the Technical University of Munich, the University of Augsburg, and the University of Bayreuth with a focus on Business & Information Systems Engineering. Christian gained practical experience at Capgemini, Check24 and SAP. Beside his social involvement, Christian is awarded winner of the Postbank Finance Award and the international privacy bot competition organized by Telekom AG. At the FIM Research Center and the project group Business & Information Systems Engineering of Fraunhofer FIT, he started as a research assistant in April 2016 and is a Doctoral Candidate since January 2018.

Christian Olenberger’s research focuses primarily on the digitization of the individual and information systems design.

Never Trust, Always Verify : A Multivocal Literature Review on Current Knowledge and Research Gaps of Zero-trust
in: Computers & Security, 2021
Buck, Christoph
Olenberger, Christian
Schweizer, André
Völter, Fabiane
Eymann, Torsten
The effectiveness of social norms in improving users’ reporting behavior in the fight against fake news
in: Journal of Management Information Systems, 2021
Gimpel, Henner
Heger, Sebastian
Olenberger, Christian
Utz, Lena
The Insurance Effect of Renewable Distributed Energy Resources Against Uncertain Electricity Price Developments
in: Energy Economics, 2020
Fridgen, Gilbert
Halbrügge, Stephanie
Olenberger, Christian
Weibelzahl, Martin
Privacy Bots : Digitale Helfer für mehr Transparenz im Internet
in: Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, 2019
Nüske, Niclas
Olenberger, Christian
Rau, Daniel
Schmied, Fabian
An investigation of the effects of anthropomorphism in collective human-machine decision-making
presented at: 26th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Workshops and Tutorials, Portsmouth, UK, 2018
André, Elisabeth
Gimpel, Henner
Olenberger, Christian