Doctoral Candidates

The Role of Domain Expertise in Trusting and Following Explainable AI Decision Support Systems
in: Journal of Decision Systems, 2021
Bayer, Sarah
Gimpel, Henner
Markgraf, Moritz
IoT-commerce : opportunities for customers through an affordance lens
in: Electronic Markets, 2021
Bayer, Sarah
Gimpel, Henner
Rau, Daniel
Digitale Arbeit während der COVID-19-Pandemie : Eine Studie zu den Auswirkungen der Pandemie auf Arbeit und Stress in Deutschland
Fraunhofer FIT, 2020
Gimpel, Henner
Bayer, Sarah
Lanzl, Julia
Regal, Christian
Schäfer, Ricarda
Schoch, Manfred
Moral agency without responsibility? : Analysis of three ethical models of human-computer interaction in times of artificial intelligence (AI)
in: De Ethica, 2020
Fritz, Alexis
Brandt, Wiebke
Gimpel, Henner
Bayer, Sarah
Bank Customers' Decision-Making Process in Choosing between Ethical and Conventional Banking : A Survey-Based Examination
in: Journal of Business Economics = Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, 2019
Bayer, Sarah
Gimpel, Henner
Sarikaya, Serkan
Humane Anthropomorphic Agents : the Quest for the Outcome Measure
presented at: AIS SIGPrag 2019 pre-ICIS workshop "Values and Ethics in the Digital Age", 2019
André, Elisabeth
Bayer, Sarah
Benke, Ivo
Benlian, Alexander
Cummins, Nicholas
Gimpel, Henner
Hinz, Oliver
Kersting, Kristian
Maedche, Alexander
Muehlhaeuser, Max
Riemann, Jan
Schuller, Björn
Weber, Klaus

Dr. Sarah Bayer

Curriculum Vitae
Sarah Bayer completed her Abitur at the Apian-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt in 2010. She studied information-oriented business administration with the track German-French Management at the University of Augsburg (B.Sc.) in cooperation with the University of Rennes 1 in France (Licence Economie-Gestion) from 2010 to 2013. In 2014, she continued her studies of information-oriented business administration in Augsburg (M.Sc.). Furthermore, she completed the Masterprogram “Leadership and Management in International Context” (M.Sc.) within a yearlong stay abroad in Sweden. Among others, she gained practical experience at AUDI and Media-Saturn-Holding in Ingolstadt, and at Lead Le Roy Concept France. She started as a research assistant at the Research Center Finance & Information Management in April 2017 and since July 2017 she is working as a Doctoral Candidate at the same.
Main Research
Sarah Bayer’s research projects focus on sustainability and CRM.
Alter Postweg 101
Augsburg 86159