Doctoral Candidates

Toward an Enduring Football Economy : A Business Model Taxonomy for European Professional Football Clubs
in: European Sport Management Quarterly, 2022
Buck, Christoph
Ifland, Sebastian
How Digital Technologies Transform Football : A Structured Literature Review
in: 21st Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) Proceedings, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2021
Diel, Sören
Ifland, Sebastian
Wytopil, Frederic
Buck, Christoph
KI-basierte Services intelligent gestalten : Einführung des KI-Service-Canvas
Urbach, Nils
Häckel, Björn
Hofmann, Peter
Fabri, Lukas
Ifland, Sebastian
Karnebogen, Philip
Krause, Stefanie
Lämmermann, Luis
Protschky, Dominik
Markgraf, Moritz
Willburger, Lukas
Raiders of the Lost Ark : A Review About the Roots and Application of Artifcial Intelligence
in: International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 2021
Buck, Christoph
Ifland, Sebastian
Stähle, Philipp
Thorwarth, Harald
Follower and Likes paired with Goals and Tackles : Social Media Brand Value on Football Player Markets
presented at: 27th European Sport Management Conference (EASM), Seville, Spain, 2019
Buck, Christoph
Ifland, Sebastian
Renz, Michael
Value of Star Players in the Digital Age
in: Proceedings of the 14th Interntional Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI), Siegen, Germany, 2019
Buck, Christoph
Ifland, Sebastian
Renz, Michael

Sebastian Ifland

Curriculum Vitae
Sebastian Ifland studied Business Administration and Engineering engineering at the University of Bayreuth. He also did research on data analytics in sports management at Ohio University. Sebastian gained practical experience in the automotive industry, the energy sector and in the financial sector. At the core competence center FIM he started in 2017 as a student assistant and since 2020 he is a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Project Group for Information Systems.
Main Research
Sebastian Ifland’s research focuses on the digital transformation of companies, in particular on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Application areas of his research are the energy sector and the sports industry.
Wittelsbacherring 10 3.06
Bayreuth 95444