Publicly funded research projects

Our current research projects


We carry out numerous projects in our various areas of expertise, which are funded by e.g. the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Union.
Current projects

Fraunhofer Blockchain Center

Examiniation of the opportunities and challenges arising at the intersection of AI and blockchain, as well as examining resulting production networks. The diverse research areas are elicited in the three labs, the Machine Economy Lab (MEL), the Digital Ecosystems Lab (DEL) and the Digital Innovation Lab (DIL).
Funded by: Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy


Design, implementation and evaluation of an energy industry data platform based on a block chain for the use cases “labeling” and “asset logging”
Funded by: Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)


The goal of the ITSM project is to develop the status quo, the possible target picture with the necessary fields of action as well as concrete implementation recommendations with regard to IT service management at Bavarian university computer centers.
Funded by: Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art
Finished projects


The objective of the IT Strategy Lab for Innovation and Sustainability (ISIS) at the University of Bayreuth is to build up an application-oriented knowledge base in the field of strategic and sustainable IT management and to carry out practical cooperation in Upper Franconia, thereby promoting the transfer of knowledge between science and practice.
Funded by: European Regional Development Fund (EFRE)


It is necessary to design IT in a way that takes into account risk and return and to align it carefully with business strategy. At the same time, companies need powerful and flexible IT to support decision-making in order to be competitive and to gain competitive advantage. A holistic approach that does justice to this dual role of IT is the focus of the “IT Portfolio Management” project. The focus here is on economic and interdisciplinary issues rather than technological ones.


Smart Devices (such as Smartphones and Smart Watches) offer many options to support production processes, such as optimization or worker assistance. So far, neither implementation recommendations nor standardized APIs exist. The project SmarDe´s@Work aims at usefully utilizing Smart Devices in the production area. In the foreground stands the connection of different production participants, such as workers, machines and information systems.
Funded by: Information- and Communication Technology


The aim of the project was to develop a platform for the exchange of “on-demand” resources. So-called grid systems serve as the basis for the infrastructure. By connecting to a grid via the Internet, companies are enabled to access resources such as server capacity, storage capacity or applications on demand from service providers.


The goal of the VIATOR project (Virtual Working Platform for Technology and Organization in Dispersed Research Operations) is to create a flexible and service-oriented IT research infrastructure at the University of Bayreuth in order to improve performance in research and teaching without additional costs.
Funded by: German Research Foundation (DFG)

Value-oriented Management of IT projects

Within the scope of this proposal for a research grant, we pursue the objective to develop methods that allow for a continuous value-based steering of IT-projects based on a capable ex ante valuation. The results of prior granted research projects like e.g. “IT-Portfolio Management” (BU 809/10-1) provide the ideal basis for this undertaking: The objective of this specific project was the development of methods for the valuation of IT-projects and IT-portfolios considering both risk and return.