Benchmarking of logistic support and service processes in health care and industrial applications


The goal of the BELOUGA project is to develop an IS-supported Benchmarking system, for so called “supporting services” in hospitals and similar areas.

Start December 2010
End January 2014
Projektdauer 4 years
Project lead Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann

Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann

Chair of Business Administration VII - Information Systems


In theory these supporting services are not involved into value creation and solely have the function to support the primary processes within companies. Examples are laundry services within hospitals, which are not integrated in the value creation process, but are necessary to run the daily-business.


However, an extended view is emerging, in which supporting processes are seen as success critical. Therefore intensified research on this topic has to be established. Our contribution to the project lies within defining, developing and visualizing a benchmarking system, which is specialized on supporting processes and services. To realize this benchmarking system it is necessary to gain a clear view on how the productivity of services can be measured.