Development and marketing of cross-sectoral logistics management in health care sector with the help of networked realtime information processing


The developments in the health care sector grow more acute; this is particularly due to a rapidly increasing proportion of older people in the total population. The associated increase in spending on health care services forces to generate savings across all areas. Therefore there must be the aim to preserve or even increase the required quality of services, while at the same time reducing the secondary expenditures, ie expenditures which do not lead to a direct benefit for the patient.

Bayreuth is one of the most important health care regions of Bavaria and thus is under a special pressure to adapt. In addition to achieve far-reaching improvements in efficiency, it is critical to connect service-modules with each other. This integration must be conducted among the suppliers of the healthcare industry in the strict sense as well as from the prevention through the outpatient / inpatient treatment to the point of the rehabilitation.

A network consisting of partners out of the areas logistics, medicine and rehabilitation, research, information technology and municipalities has recognized this need. The network is planning the construction of a service and attendance center BayGLog. Divisions of BayGLog will be, among others, services in the fields “cross sectoral health logistics” and “Ambient Assisted Living”.

Name BayGLog
Start Phase 1: January 2009
Phase 2: January 2010
End Phase 1: December 2009
Phase 2: December 2011
Project duration Phase 1: 1 year
Phase 2: 2 years
Networkmanagerin BF/M Dr. Gitte Händel
Project lead Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann

Prof. Dr. Torsten Eymann

Chair of Business Administration VII - Information Systems


In the network project realtime BayGLog the foundations for this service and attendance center will be created. In various working groups, the services of BayGLog are defined, described and planned to be implemented. In addition, the structures necessary for the communication between the project partners will be established.

Objective of Phase 1 of the project was the establishment of the network and the concretization of the questions which have to be processed in the network. This Phase 1 is limited by the funding program to one year. The application for Phase 2 has been submitted. Should the grants be made, then the next two years will be used to convert the network from the project status out into an independent company. In addition, further funding shall be raised to support the partners in the development of their specific products and services.

Network partners in Phase 1

  • BI-LOG Service Group GmbH, Bamberg
  • Fraunhofer Arbeitsgruppe für Technologien der Logistik-Dienstleistungs­wirtschaft ATL, Nürnberg
  • GTS Systems and Consulting GmbH, Herzogenrath
  • Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH
  • MedCompete Bayreuth GmbH
  • MedConcept Bayreuth GmbH
  • reha team Bayreuth Gesundheits-Technik GmbH
  • Stadt Bayreuth
  • TMT Teleservice GmbH & Co. KG, Bayreuth
  • ProDatO Integration Technology GmbH, Erlangen
  • University Bayreuth
  • WEDLICH.Servicegruppe GmbH & Co. KG, Bayreuth