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Our Studies

"Whitepaper: The Advance of the Machines"

The whitepaper "The Advance of the Machines - Vision and Implications of a Machine Economy" elucidates the opportunities offered by the combination of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technology. The convergence of these technologies enables machines to act autonomously in economic processes. The whitepaper analyzes the vision of such a machine economy, explicates its implications for companies, and makes it tangible by means of three use cases. (Whitepaper currently only available in German)

"What's Beyond Digital?"

Although most companies have not yet fully implemented their digital agenda, it is usually clearly defined and embedded in the overall strategy. But what comes next? To answer this question, we conducted numerous interviews with experts and formulated 10 theses that are likely to characterize the business environment in 2025.

"Healthy digital work?!"

In the study "Healthy digital work?!", more than 5,000 employees were examined as the main triggers of digital stress. In addition to the stress factors and effects of digital stress, the study also analysed the framework conditions under which digital stress is particularly high or low.

"AI, my friend and helper"

The study "AI, my friend and helper" in cooperation with EY looks at the challenges and implications for human-AI interaction.

"Study: Review of the feasibility of an open and decentralised mobility system (OMOS)"

" Study: The study "Review of the feasibility of an open and decentralized mobility system (OMOS)" deals on the one hand with the potential opportunities and risks and on the other hand with the requirements of end customers and mobility providers for such a system. In addition, the business model and the general feasibility of an OMOS approach are examined and discussed.

„Study: Designing IT Setups in the Digital Age“

The study "Designing IT Setups in the Digital Age" in cooperation with A.T. Kearney looks at the effects of digitization on the design of a company's IT.

"Study: Digital Finance: Results of an empirical study on digitisation in the financial sector"

The study "Digital Finance" in cooperation with KPMG deals with the digitalization of the finance function in companies as well as the associated areas of tension and derives recommendations for action for a successful digital transformation of the finance sector.

"Research work: Data protection: necessary bureaucracy or competitive advantage in dealing with digital customer data"

"Data Protection: Necessary Bureaucracy or Competitive Advantage in Handling Digital Customer Data" deals with the topic of data protection of weighing up customer requirements and monetization potentials against the background of legal and technical framework conditions.

„Study: Smart Data Transformation“

Within the framework of "Smart Data Transformation", decision makers from companies were interviewed in cooperation with Infosys Consulting about the current significance of smart data transformation projects and success factors for successful implementation.

"Research work: Blockchain: Fundamentals, applications and potentials"

The research paper "Blockchain: Fundamentals, Applications and Potentials" analyses and explains the technological basis of the blockchain. It provides answers regarding future fields of application and potential.

„Study: Digital Transformation: Changes and Chances“

The project group Business Information Systems together with the core competence center FIM conducted a study among companies from different industries on the topic "Digital Transformation - Changes and Chances". The aim of the study was to identify the central opportunities and challenges of digital transformation from a company perspective. Six fields of action in companies were identified which need to be mastered for digital transformation. Based on the study results, a self-assessment tool was also developed that enables companies to determine their degree of digitalization and to derive appropriate measures.