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Further funding opportunities

In order to be eligible for funding, different criteria such as above-average academic performance, exceptional motivation, intercultural interest/experience, practical interest or social/political/university involvement are decisive, depending on the institution.

We are happy to support good students from our events in applying for funding programmes by preparing letters of recommendation or expert reports. If you have any questions about the various scholarship programs or the general appraisal process, we will be happy to answer them personally. Your contact persons are Jakob Ahlrichs in Augsburg and Katrin Wyrtki und Anna Krombacher in Bayreuth.

You need a letter of recommendation for your application for a scholarship program, master program, semester abroad or similar?
Request for a letter of recommendation Augsburg
Request for a letter of recommendation Bayreuth

Further information on the various funding programmes can also be obtained centrally at the Universities of Augsburg and Bayreuth through the following contact persons: 

Further information can be found here.

Further information can be found here.