Current topics

Our Expertise

Link of concepts and methods from marketing, financial management, and information management to foster the interdisciplinary discourse between value-based management and Customer Relationship Management. Social CRM, Sustainability, and Data Quality.

IT-supported Financial Management: Development of IT-supported financial concepts to support (globally interlinked) companies to implement long-term successful and value-based Corporate Management. Value-based enterprise management, value-based management of value networks.​​

Combination of managerial and technological aspects of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) and strategic management of IT and IS. Planning, controlling, organizing, and managing IT functions of medium and large companies as well as analyzing of the value of IT and IS in enterprises.

Economically well-founded decisions in business process management, business process industrialization, development of business process management as a corporate capability, and management of process project portfolios.​

Development of innovative and sustainable business models and network designs (e.g. for e-mobility, and demand response in production systems and processes), and identification of risks in critical infrastructures and value networks. IT-based business models  (such as smart grid, smart factory, smart home, smart mobility, smart markets), user behavior and acceptance, economic evaluation from both user and business perspectives.

Design and economically founded evaluation of protection and control measures for information and communication systems in and between companies in order to be able to invest precisely and efficiently in IT-Security and data protection.

Digital life, the digitalization of human life in all areas of life. The new digital life brings many challenges, radical innovations and visionary projects. Linking innovative technologies with data-driven analysis methods to enhance healthcare. Optimizing commercial workplaces through information systems considering acceptance and consequences for users. Generate sustainable value for private persons by introducing new business models and technologies while considering risks and impacts.

Market oriented development of products and services, integration of customers and partnerns during the development and production of products and services, organization of innovation processes across companies / open innovation.