Innovation Management

Today, the permanent renewal of the product and service portfolio as well as of the underlying production processes is – for many companies – one of the most difficult tasks. The offered products and services are getting more and more complex, in more and more cases they are developed across company borders. The following questions have to be answered:

  • Which renewal of products, services, and processes is necessary from a customer and partner point of view? What are their requirements?
  • How important are these improvements from a customer and partner point of view? Are they ready to pay a price surplus? Which improvements overachieve their requirements? How are our products, services, and production processes positioned against competitors? How can we introduce the improvements into the market?
  • How can we modularize our products, services, and production processes? How can our activities and decisions along the different innovation processes be standardized? How can we learn from past activities and decisions?
  • How can we integrate external knowledge into our development processes? How can we initiate, operate, and control development processes across company borders?

Standardizing and recording the development processes allows to learn from past innovation-process-related activities and decisions. So, the knowledge gets usable for actual decisions.

Out team will help you to develop and produce your products, services, and production processes market-oriented and to optimize your innovation processes.

Platform for mobile collaborative applications (standardized Stage-Gate processes in SMEs and Research Institutes)

Innovation Communities: Setup and development of networks of promoters as a critical success factor for radical innovation.

Sensors for a cooperative network surveillance (standardized Stage-Gate processes)

Multi-media similarity search to match, classify and segment (standardized Stage-Gate processes)

Image Data Analysis and Classification in Marketing (IMADAC)

Development of a communication concept for product development & method to generate and handle quality benchmarks of features that are difficult to quantify


Based on the results of the research projects, the Research center FIM regularly publishes in international journals and conferences. Selected publications are:

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in: Creativity and Innovation ManagementBayreuth, 2013
Rese, Alexandra
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Conjointanalyse : Methoden - Anwendungen - Praxisbeispiele

Baier, Daniel
Brusch, Michael
Success Factors for Innovation Management in Networks of Small and Medium Enterprises
presented at: 16th International Product Development Management Conference, Twente, Netherlands, 2009
Rese, Alexandra
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