Prevention for safe and healthy working with digital technologies (PräDiTec)

The aim of the research project PräDiTec is to analyse the load and strain profile changed by digitalisation and to develop specific prevention measures.

A distinction is made from current research projects by considering all facets of techno-stress and focusing the investigations on knowledge work. Cultural differences among employees should also be taken into account. In addition, the influence of this cultural difference on digitalisation at the workplace will be investigated in order to derive culturally sensitive recommendations for action and to develop and implement appropriate preventive measures. The aim is to achieve a human-centred design of digital systems in order to organise work in such a way that the use of digital systems avoids psychological misuse). In addition, measures (e.g. checklists, learning concepts) promoted through which every individual employee learns to deal with the increasing digitalisation in the best possible way are to be .

More information can be found on the project website