Doctoral Candidates

The Transparency Challenge of Blockchain in Organizations
in: Electronic Markets, 2022
Sedlmeir, Johannes
Lautenschlager, Jonathan
Fridgen, Gilbert
Urbach, Nils
Self-Sovereign Identity : Grundlagen, Anwendungen und Potenziale portabler digitaler Identitäten
Strüker, Jens
Urbach, Nils
Guggenberger, Tobias
Lautenschlager, Jonathan
Ruhland, Nicolas
Schlatt, Vincent
Sedlmeir, Johannes
Stoetzer, Jens-Christian
Völter, Fabiane
Die Entwicklung bayerischer Hochschulrechenzentren : Handlungsempfehlungen aus einer Fallstudie für ein professionelles IT-Servicemanagement
in: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2021
Jonas, Claudius
Lautenschlager, Jonathan
Eymann, Torsten

Jonathan Lautenschlager

Curriculum Vitae
Jonathan Lautenschlager graduated from the Aloisiuskolleg in Bonn in 2013. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Marketing (B.A.) with a focus on sports at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands in Cologne, Mr. Lautenschlager studied for a Master’s degree in Media Culture and Media Business (M.A.) with a focus on media informatics at the University of Bayreuth. Outside of the university environment, he gained practical experience in the areas of IT service management as well as IT security at an international company in fastening technology. In addition, he volunteered as a coach in the field of children’s and youth sports. At the Core Competence Center Finance & Information Management, Mr. Lautenschlager has been working as a research assistant since February 2022.
Main Research
In the context of his research activities, Mr. Lautenschlager mainly focuses on the topics of blockchain, digital identity management and machine economy.
Hungener Str. 6 Geb. HoST, Raum 3.OG
Frankfurt am Main 60389