Doctoral Candidates

What's in an SME? : Considerations for Scoping Research on Small and Medium Enterprises and other Organizations in the IS Discipline
in: Proceedings of the 30th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Timișoara, 2022
Drechsler, Andreas
Hönigsberg, Sarah
Watkowski, Laura Marie-Luise
Cooperation for Innovativeness in SMEs : A Taxonomy for Cooperation Design
in: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, 2022
Buck, Christoph
Watkowski, Laura Marie-Luise
Wyrtki, Katrin
A Literature Review on the Risks and Potentials of Tracking and Monitoring eHealth Technologies in the Context of Occupational Health Management
in: Wirtschaftsinformatik 2022 Proceedings,2022
Hall, Kristina
Oesterle, Severin
Watkowski, Laura Marie-Luise
Liebel, Sabrina
A Two-sided Approach for Digital Innovation at SCHOTT : Combining Resource- and Problem-oriented Innovation Methods for Digital Service Development
in: Digitalization Cases 2, Springer, Basel, 2021
Braadt, Sabrina
Oberländer, Anna Maria
Scherer, Peter
Stahl, Bastian
Watkowski, Laura Marie-Luise
Applying COBIT 2019 to IT Governance in Higher Education
presented at: 50. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik, Online, 2020
Gerl, Armin
von der Heyde, Markus
Groß, Rainer
Seck, Rainer
Watkowski, Laura Marie-Luise

Laura Watkowski

Curriculum Vitae
Laura Watkowski completed her Abitur at the Corvey Gymnasium in Hamburg in 2013. She then studied business administration at the University of Bayreuth (B.Sc. and M.Sc.). Ms. Watkowski gained practical experience at a medium-sized audit firm, a shipping company in Greece, and at BMW in the business field of financial services. She started as a research assistant at the Research Center Finance & Information Management in December 2019 and since February she is working as a Doctoral Candidate at the same.
Main Research
Within her research activities, Doreen Schick focuses on issues about psychological, social, and behavioral aspects of digital technologies and digitalization.
Geb. AI 1.12
Universität Bayreuth