Doctoral Candidates

Hierarchische Eignungsprüfung von externen (Open) Data Sets für unternehmensinterne Analytics- und Machine-Learning-Projekte
in: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2022
Kaiser, Matthias
Stirnweiß, Dominic
Wederhake, Lars
Policy Support Measures of Widespread Expansion of Fast Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
in: Energy Policy, 2021
Baumgarte, Felix
Kaiser, Matthias
Keller, Robert

Matthias Kaiser

Curriculum Vitae
Matthias Kaiser studied Industrial Engineering with the focus Sustainable Management at the University of Augsburg. Matthias gained practical experience in the automotive industry and consultation of electro mobility concepts. He started as a research assistant at the FIM Research Center in 2014 and is a Doctoral Candidate at the Fraunhofer Project Group since 2020.
Main Research
Within his research activities, Matthias concentrate on data driven issues in the field of e-mobility and charging infrastructure.
Alter Postweg 101
Augsburg 86159